Of course I am, because why not when it’s sunny and above 40 degrees? Life’s worth celebrating – so stop and smell the roses, go drink some fresh beet juice, and rock a hot pink blazer.

Oh, did I mention it’s vintage?

If someone were to ask me if I preferred pieces new or vintage, picking between the two is like trying to decide between pasta or pizza; and by that I mean it’s practically impossible. Nothing says you have good taste more than the appreciation for one-of-a-kind fashion gems from the past. As anyone would do with an ounce of love for vintage, I had to have this.

The color itself is a standout, but the boxy, yet slimming, shape of this blazer is undeniably flattering. I also prefer the length of blazers to hit a bit longer so this was a match made in heaven.

So I give this question to you, pasta or pizza? New or vintage? Hard decision, right?