Winter to Spring Style Transition

Take note babes! It’s time to transition your outfits from the too-long-of-a-winter into spring! Thank god we won’t be living in our parkas forever. I’m so happy spring finally decided to show up because *now’s* the time to start wearing the cute spring clothes you’ve been dying to wear. Needless to say, it’s been long overdue. Although, the weather is still pretty unpredictable during this time of year…so it’s helpful to know a few tips on transitioning your outfits the best way.

Winter to Spring Style Transition

When it comes to transitioning your style from season to season, it’s all about layering. I’ve said this before, but layering is key in preparation for the weather. Obviously shifting from summer to fall is a lot different than shifting from winter to spring. For spring, you’ll want to reach for those lighter layers – knits, cardigans and jackets, to throw on over your bottom layer. Stash the bulky outerwear and sweaters away because you don’t want to be sweating by the time you walk inside somewhere. I layer thin knits, tees, blouses, or bodysuits under my lightweight jackets for a happy medium.

It’s still cold enough to where jeans and pants are a must. I do get cold fairly easy, so it takes a very warm temp. for me to be in anything other but, I do switch up the shoes I wear. Any open-toe shoe, such as a mule or heeled sandal, looks so flattering with jeans and is a great transition shoe. They’re such a sleek alternative to the clunky boots you’re used to wearing in winter.

As for accessories, my thick blanket scarves get put to the bottom of my drawers until the fall. In place of those, I opt for light neck scarves or even turtlenecks to keep my décolletage and neck area warm.

For transitioning your wardrobe, it comes down to swapping your heavy layers for your lighter layers. Layer as much or as little as you need to. Especially with this finicky weather, you’ll want to be prepared ahead of time!