Winter Boots to Invest In

Unfortunately we still have a few months of winter, but at least you can survive the rest of the season by investing in good winter boots. Nothing’s worse than braving the outside with gear that won’t shield you from the harsh weather. Like any other investment, winter boots can be pretty pricey depending on which ones you get. But if you live anywhere where there’s the possibility of a brutal winter, the investment is worth it.

I bought these waterproof Sorel boots last year and have been obsessed with them ever since. They’re the best winter boots. They’re durable and keep my feet completely warm and dry. They’re also less bulky compared to other styles which is a huge plus for me. When I look for winter boots, I look for ones that are stylish and fashion-forward but will still be foolproof. When I was in college, I used to have to walk in two feet of snow and these saved my feet. My feet used to get so cold to the point of being numb, but these have taken care of that. I always wear these wherever I go and just pack my real shoes along. These boots are a complete lifesaver.