5 Swimsuit Brands You Need to Check Out Right Now


Have the best summer wearing hot swimsuits and having even hotter tans. See my top five swimsuit brands you should check out for this summer.

After about six months of waiting for this gorgeous weather, it is finally here. Switch out your jeans, and really any other attire, for a chic bathing suit. Life’s a beach after all.

Now that Victoria’s Secret doesn’t carry swimsuits anymore, we are forced to look elsewhere. I know, life’s hard sometimes. Although, this offers a great opportunity to discover other awesome brands. Check out my top swimsuit brands you should be trying for this summer:

1. ASOS: Cute swimsuits at an inexpensive price – how can you beat that? ASOS offers a variety of styles when it comes to their swimwear. They even have a wide selection for all body types. Score!

5 Swimsuit Brands You Need to Check Out Right Now


2. Triangl: An Australian brand who has received a ton of hype within the last few years – and for good reason. The brand was originally known for their signature, color blocking neoprene swimwear. Now, they have broaden their horizons by offering more styles and a variety of color and pattern choices. These swimsuits are great quality, and are perfect to wear while laying out poolside.

5 Swimsuit Brands You Need to Check Out Right Now


3. Bāmba Swim: This brand is a bit more expensive, but they have unquestionable, killer styles. If you are in your mid-20s and looking for swimsuit brands that are more mature, look no further. Bamba have beautiful pieces and offer unique cuts and designs. The crochet line has stole my heart.


4. Lulu’s: Who would have known Lulu’s to be the one stop shop for clothes and swimsuits? Get your summer shopping done all in one haul! Lulu’s has a variety of amazing swimsuit brands that has bomb pieces at any price range. They will be sure to satisfy anyone’s taste, style and price preference.


5. Bikyni: I recently discovered this brand, but completely fell in love with it. The brand offers a selection of simplistic, effortless styles and the prices are on point for the quality. The site makes it easy to mix and match. Plus, they have free shipping and returns which is perfect for having to try these on at home.


I hope this guide helped you discover some awesome new finds to make your summer chic!

xx Ashley