Lets Pretend Every Day is Earth Day

Taking care of the Earth is, you know, kind of a big deal. I’m sure you know a thing or two about how to do that already, but there really are countless ways to give extra love to the environment.

Here are a few reminders — just in case.


Instead of drinking your lemon + ACV water with a plastic straw, switch to a metal one.
Whether in the office or at home, use your ceramic or glass dishware instead of the disposable plates and bowls.
You guessed it, that also goes for your flatware.
Oh, and your food storage containers — make that switch from plastic to glass.
Carry your reusable shopping bags to the grocery store. You’ll look so chic, okur.
If you do use plastic or paper grocery bags, reuse or recycle them.
Opt for a glass or stainless steel water bottle instead of buying plastic water bottles. Swell has the coolest ones.
Support your local co-op, markets, and grocery stores who source their produce locally.
Eat seasonally.
Be the savvy gardener you are by growing your own herbs.
Start eating plant-based and try to cut out animals products when you can.


Not in love with that #cute crop top from three years ago? Donate it.
Ready to break the emotional tie with your high school tees? Recycle them. Tip: H&M has an awesome recycling program. Take clothes to any store and they’ll do the dirty work for you.
Be the ambitious young adult you are by shopping at environmentally conscious fashion labels who actively put sustainability at the forefront of their business. A few examples: Reformation, Patagonia, and Re/Done.
Resist on giving in to trends unless you’re wholeheartedly in love.
Go find those one-of-a-kind gems from vintage and thrift stores. You’ll be saving the environment while owning something no one else will have. Plus, you’d often be supporting a local business.
Does a shirt or pair of jeans not fit you like they once did? Consider getting your garments tailored for the perfect fit instead of re-buying.
Skip the dryer entirely and air dry your clothes; this’ll keep them in tip-top shape.


Start incorporating non-toxic beauty and bath products to your everyday routine. Your body will thank you.
Make your own exfoliate using coconut oil, sugar, and coffee grounds.
Wash your hair using ACV for the healthiest shine.
If you’re curious what DIY face mask Candice Swanepoel swears by, it’s mixing honey and persimmon.
Whatever you do, stop using your aluminium-based deodorant right now. Look into an all-natural one like the Schmidt’s natural deodorant for sensitive skin.
Interested in customizing your own shampoo and conditioner, which would also be vegan, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and cruelty-free? Look no further than Function of Beauty hair care.
If you have used or unused products you don’t use anymore, pass along to a friend who’d give them more love.
Participate in recycling programs brands like M.A.C., Lush, and Kiehl’s have. Bring however many empty containers back to their stores and get a free product.
Recycle those bottles of empty shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, leave-in conditioner, etc.


Make your home safer for you and your fur babies by using natural cleaning products.
Switch to a natural, fragrance-free laundry detergent. Your skin will love you for it—especially if you have sensitive skin. I use this one and love it.
It’s sad to say, but your Mahogany Teakwood candle from Bath & Body Works is ridiculously toxic. Part ways with B&BW and burn either soy, beeswax, or coconut wax candles instead from brands like Burkelman, Lulu Candles, Chesapeake Bay, or Homesick.
Turn the lights off…including your Himalayan pink salt lamp.
As a significantly less-expensive form of cryotherapy, turn the shower knob to cold at the end of your shower to conserve hot water.
Speaking of conserving hot water, wash your clothes in cold water whenever possible.

Be mindful of these things not just on Earth Day, but every day. Until our next door neighbor, Mars, is habitable, it’s important to take care of the only home we have. Follow these ways to take care of the environment — every day.