How to Be Trendy on a Budget


Staying “on trend” can seem like a never-ending struggle of playing catch-up – especially when you’re on a budget. Trends are trends for a reason – they come and go like a bad pop song. As important as it is to own your individual style, it can be fun to spontaneously incorporate pieces that are of-the-moment. A trendy, unique piece you love will further elevate your evolving personal style. Some can even be worth the investment because they stay relevant for more than just one season. Being trendy while sticking to a budget can seem unachievable, but following the tips below will give you all the guidance you need.


1. Get the look for less. When it comes to purchasing a trendy item, there is the risk factor of potentially getting bored of the style within a few months. To play it safe, buy styles that are less expensive. This way, you won’t break the bank or regret the purchase as much if you do fall out of love with it later.

2. Don’t impulse buy. The hype surrounding trends can make it feel like it’s absolutely necessary to jump on it right away – either before the product sells out or before it’s out of style. Here’s the simplest advice: don’t impulse buy. You don’t have to immediately buy something as soon as you see your favorite influencer wearing it on Instagram. Take at least a few days to think about it and decide if it’s worth spending the money on.

3. Decide which pieces are worth the hype. It can be overwhelming to pick and choose which styles you want to invest in – especially since trendy items are rolling out on the market constantly. Try starting with your favorite clothing or accessory to wear. If you love jackets, look for trendy jackets that can be great additions to your wardrobe. No matter what it is, make sure it’s something you’ll be obsessed with.

4. Buy versatile pieces. There’s nothing more exciting than buying a versatile piece you can wear with multiple looks for multiple occasions. A trendy piece you can wear multiple ways can help create unlimited outfit possibilities.

5. Check out the vintage  shops. You can find bomb vintage styles that are still relevant for 2018 and for years to come. It might require some digging, but finding those gems can be all worth it. Plus, they’ll be a lot more inexpensive compared to something brand new.